Mindsurf Networks Achievement Essentials
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Achievement Essentials

Mindsurf Networks- February - August 2001
Adobe Illustrator 9.0, Adobe Photoshop 5.5, Macromedia Fireworks 3.0

A colossal collaboration of the entire Mindsurf Networks staff of designers, coders, and project managers, this project was hectic with extremely tight delivery deadlines. Achievement Essentials was set of web-based personal information management tools high school students could access through their Mindsurf Networks branded Compaq iPaqs.

I was given the monumental task of coordinating a three person team of junior designers and develop the online graphical user interface for these tools. To reduce load times for dial-up users, I tried to keep the tool interfaces as simple as possible.

The alpha and beta testing of the site by the Howard & Baltimore counties pilot schools in Maryland went very well and actually led to several large purchases by schools in Texas.

Unfortunately, Mindsurf Networks fell victim to the nationwide failure of most of the dot coms. So the final revision of Achievement Essentials never saw the light of day.

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